A Timeline of the Universe of Fated Journey. Here is the Calendar for Fated Journey, too.

Dawn of Time

1st Era

  • The mortal races become civilized and build vast kingdoms.
  • 1 – Oldest text found written by the Ancients to show dates and times.
  • 217 – Records show contact was made with the Feywild on the continent of Lazna.
  • 483 – Borin the Conquerer is born and over the next two centuries conquers Anvilmoor.
  • 711 – First mention of the Shadowfell in old texts.
  • 1700 – The Legendary Human King, Baldor, conquered and tamed a large part of Weldforn.
  • 5500 – The Dragonborn’s cherished empire, Arkhosia, lasts for over 2300 years.
  • 7839 – Mount Izulad erupts causing the downfall of Arkhosia and the The Blight.
  • 11092 – Durlin born and becomes the greatest explorer ever over his lifetime.
  • 11109 – Content Not Found: thame is born and his life’s works are built during this era.
  • 11250 – Magni Goldhelm reigns as king of the dwarves.
  • 11850 – The human empire of Bael Turath expands in the southern land of Weldforn.
  • 12000 – The War of Wills begins.
  • 12193 – The Warforged are created by the races of Elf and Dwarf. Notable warforged are Content Not Found: book_, Content Not Found: titan_, and Content Not Found: dagger.
  • 12200 – Fatima is destroyed by its king when he uses the Scorpion Crown, also around this time, Bael Turath is corrupted and the race of Tiefling is born.
  • 12217 – The end of the War of Wills marks the end of the First Era as well.

2nd Era (The Current Era)

  • 1 – Treaties of all Free People signed after the end of the War of Wills
  • 375 – Content Not Found: natalya and her party of fellow deva traveled Ignas.
  • 500 – A small group of warforged live in the Frostspire.
  • 1300 – Content Not Found: goldhelm_ rules Anvilmoor and _Content Not Found: volun is corrupted.
  • 1437 – Fall of Goldhelm.
  • 3033 – The wooded, Elf city of Celefin disappears due to Rolens Folly.
  • 4659 – The Glacier War lasts for five years in the Blue Mountains.
  • 4683 – Content Not Found: natalya makes the Frostspire home.
  • 4739 – Content Not Found: ruby born.
  • 4751 – Content Not Found: leonitas born.
  • 4753 – Content Not Found: tri born.
  • 4756 – Content Not Found: creine_ and _Content Not Found: finn born.
  • 4764 – Content Not Found: ajenta was born.
  • 4766 – Heimdal is established by Content Not Found: olim.
  • 4768 – At age 12, Finnan runs away from Northridge and joins up with The Sprechstimme.
  • 4771 – Creine’s father sells his son to traders, who in turn sells him to Wild Card.
  • 4776 – At age 20, Creine leaves Wild Card and pursues his quest for inner strength.
  • 4778 – Ajenta and her Shifter tribe discover Titan in an old ruin near Archwood.
  • 4782 – Creine and Finn become partners, while Ajenta and Titan sail to Weldforn. They all meet each other outside an old ruin, slaying some gnolls. Their group is loosely formed and they sail to Anvilmoor the next year.

4783 – The Present Year


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