Fated Journey II : The Shadowfell

Ancient Temple

All you need is a little patience...

The mercs foolishly rush into the temple. The doors all shut and a clicking sound starts counting down. Anya pulls a lever in the center of the large room, the only thing in the room. After doing this a couple times and no doors opening, Oengus Man wisely tells the team to do nothing. The far door opens up. A trip down a short hallway leads to a huge room with monsters.

EWWW…. – Two Otyughs and two Carrion Crawlers attack the mercs. The battle is hard fought against the disgusting filth, but the ragtag group of mercenaries overcomes the predators.

The group climb a winding stairwell and come upon a long dark hallway. A single torch at the end gives light to a single guard. The mercs clumsily and noisily kill the alert guard. Entering the room behind the guarded door, the group is ambushed by an elvish woman and some thugs.

Enemy Revealed – The mercs are not that surprised to find themselves ambushed, as they did create a lot of noise killing the guard outside. After a difficult strife, the mercs slay all their foes.

A portal in the room takes them to linked portal inside the Synergy Temple’s Treasure Vault. Sentinels in the room come to life to stop the thieves.

Sentinels – Four sentinels awaken and attack the intruders. The mercenaries quickly subdue the enemies.

Picking up the arcaned sealed chest they were after, not to mention a lot of other treasure, the mercs teleport back to the Undercity. They head back to Gloomwrought and then the Black Griffon Inn ending their mission…



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