Fated Journey II : The Shadowfell

A Hike Through the Undercity

Undead and Finding the Temple Door's Guardian

Resting at an ancient tavern in the Undercity, the Crimson Tide Mercenaries start navigating the labyrinth of crumbled buildings and roads to find the temple they seek. The vampire gracefully glides across the many scattered rooftops, while the paladin and fighter sprint along the broken streets. The ardent and seeker hear undead nearby and stealthily investigate the noise, splitting the party up. The kalashtar and kobold happen upon a group of skeletons and throw a sunrod into the undead’s area, causing the shuffling filth to search for them. Meanwhile, the other three mercs get a sense that they should slow down and so they look around and see the sunrod’s light. They know it is their allies’ sunrod and so they run back to assist.

Walking Undead?Oengus Man surprises a boneshard skeleton with a nasty flail attack, while Snork fires away with his magical sling at a skeleton. Blazing skeletons throw small fireballs at the ardent and seeker setting them ablaze. A wight comes out of a nearby building and screams wretchedly. Surrounded by the undead, things look grim for Oengus and Snork, but the other three mercs finally appear to help. Sabu sprints up and flings a throwing hammer at one of the blazing skeletons. The ardent is surrounded by undead and cunningly switches spots with the paladin’s. With the aid of their compatriots, Snork and Oengus beat down the undead.

After the undead are slain, the mercs continue searching for the lost temple in the Undercity. Through tenacious tracking and excellent perception, they find the temple. Oengus, Snork, Sabu, and the Nameless proceed cautiously. Anya springs past them and immediately tries opening the double doors, but instead the looped handles pull outwards and release a huge pool of bog water from a hidden crevice above the doorway. The cascading bog water, from the Skins above, coalesces into a monstrosity of rank water and moss.

Golem…Golem – The Bog Golem strikes first, unleashing a torrent of bog water at the mercenaries. The mercs fight back, striking hard and fast. The monstrous fiend precedes to rampage through the group, pounding them all with it’s huge fists. The battle takes the party to it’s limits, but they finally manage to vanquish the watery foe, turning it into a pool of bog water.

Before the mercs can check their surroundings or heal up, Anya hurriedly enters the temple. The group chases after her, but the large cavernous room locks them inside…



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