Fated Journey II : The Shadowfell

The City of Midnight

Unsavory mercenaries are brought together to search for an Artifact...

Three ruthless mercenaries are brought onboard a Crimson Tide ship at the port of Heimdal. Dagger and Despair are there as well and explain that the Crimson Tide leader brought you here to go to the Shadowfell and retrieve an Artifact there. The Nameless rests on the steps leading to the captain’s chamber, while Oengus leans against the center mast. Snork gazes out over the ocean. As the Nameless drifts off into dreams of slaughter, Oengus Man invades his dreams and cooly manipulates the Vryloka’s bloody dream. After that, Oengus probes Snork’s thoughts. The three mercs regard each other rather coldly. Eventually the ship lands on Masa Island.

Nameless proceeds to his room near the docks, while Snork and Oengus go to the tavern. Oengus asks the kobold to bother a Crimson Tide member, so that the Ardent can come in smoothly and ask the man what they can expect going to the portal that leads to the Shadowfell. The man’s thoughts turn to fear, the kalastar senses, while he explains the local wildlife have been warped by the shadow’s taint. With some vague insight into tomorrow’s journey, Oengus decides to retire to his room. Snork spends the rest of the night in the back alleys hunting for rats. Morning comes and the mercs along with Dagger meet with their Shade guide, Carver.

Tainted Meat – Walking throught the jungle, the group is attacked by a variety of shadow tainted beasts. The Crimson Tide lackeys fall victim to the animals attacks. This being the first fight with each other the three mercs are not in sync, but still manage to slay the shadowy beasts.

Carver and Dagger take point and lead the mercs to the portal deeper in the jungle. Finally coming to the portal, the shade and warforged proceed through, followed by the mercs. Now in the Shadowfell, the group can already feel the difference between the two planes. It is foreboding and death hangs thick in the air. A Dark One waits by a barge to take them across the Skins. Everyone gets on and the dark one ferries them towards the City Gates.

Ferry Bad – Travelling across the bog, the mercs are set upon by undead. The ghastly creatures swarm onto the barge. The kobold seeker has a tough time firing away at them with his elemental magic. The kalashtar ardent manages to pull the undead close to him and then teleports himself and The Nameless, switching their positions. The vryloka slayer is lost in his bloodlust as he swings madly at the skeletons with his fullblade. With help from Dagger and Carver, the mercs bring down all the undead.

The dark one continues to ferry them across the Skins and they all pass under the City Walls and dock at the harbor. A carriage awaits to take them to Black Griffon Inn



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