Fated Journey II : The Shadowfell

The Butcher

Death Around Every Corner...

After a restful night at the Black Griffon Inn, the three mercernaries head downstairs to have a late lunch. Dagger waves them over to her table and they notice Carver sitting at an adjacent table with a large dragonborn and a vampire. Introductions are made with tension in the air as the three mercs are now joined by Sabu and Anya. Carver unrolls a map of the city and shows them a temple that was recently attacked by unknown assailants. He explains that they are to meet with a contact in the Shambles that will secretly escort them into the temple to retrieve an artifact. Dagger and Carver leave, while the mercs drink and eat. The Nameless heads to the bar, where a drunk man bumps into and spills his ale all over a goatfolk. Oengus proceeds to promote thoughts of anger into the minds of certain patrons, which leads the goatfolk to toss the drunk man across the room and onto the party’s table. A bar fight breaks out with someone mistakenly punching the fighter, who violently swings out with his blade, turning the fistfights into an all out murderous conflict.

Bringing A Sword To A Fistfight – The Nameless goes into full bloodlust, letting his blade hack off limbs left and right. The paladin and vampire enter the fray with savage fury. The ardent telepathically makes a couple patrons run for their lives, but another has murder on his mind. Snork sneaks around the big folk and finds the inn’s lockbox and proceeds to open it’s treasures. The unnecessary bloodshed eventually ends with a lot of dead drunks and the mercs exiting the inn to find their contact.

Going to the alleyway in the Shambles that Carver told them to go to, the party finds a hooded assailant repeatedly stabbing their contact. A chase ensues with the group finally catching up to him as he enters a butcher’s shop. Entering boldly, the mercs are shocked that the “butcher” is an ogre with murder in it’s eyes.

The Butcher – Sabu, Anya, Oengus, Snork, and the Nameless all fight for their lives as the butcher swings a meathook and cleaver wildly at them. The hooded assailant is revealed to be a bladeling with two more of his kind helping him attack the party. The battle wears on with the mercs balancing precariously towards life and death, but eventually they slay their foes.

The party finds 2000 gold and search throught the corpses. The hooded bladelings robe has a cryptic letter written in code. Carver might be able to crack it…



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